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Puppy- Spam … 

Steinunn’s Kennel – 13. November 2017
Surprise, surprise! Midwinterlitter / D- Wurf

CHOCOLATE for Christmas! The mating of Isdalur’s Dađri and Steinunn’s Ásleif was good for a surprise! The preparation- time of the delivery was a little bit longer as I was used, compared to Isdalur’s Gáska. But the delivery itself was very easy going. Within 2 hours all 5 puppies were born at 13th of November 2017. So we are going to have a busy, funny Christmas time with 5 little Icelandic dwarfs under the Christmas tree…. And now the surprise: I expected red ones, perhaps a little greyish like Ásleif, with markings for luck ( they don’t have…) … 3 are like that, all boys…. BUT 2 of them are CHOCOLATE!!!! One chocolate girl and one chocolate boy. Here we have a good prove for the breeding idea of Evi Schütz, how to breed this colour…. would never have ecpected that…. PS: All boys have double dew claws, the girl both sides single dew claws.


Facebook- Kommentar….

Steinunn’s Kennel meets Keisaraskogar Kennel, a perfect synergy!  
I’m so proud of you both, Sonja Weber and Steinunn’s Brími !!
World Club Show Leipzig 2017
Intermediate Class Excellent Place 1
Reserve CAC ! 
That means best male directly after the show-winner at his young age….
and VDH- CAC!
Judge: Jussi Liimatainen


 Herbst  auf dem Weingut Hey  mit Melina Hey und Steinunn’s Casper aka Loki 

Einen schönen Tag wünscht Steinunn’s Casper aka Loki aus der Pfalz! 


 Jonas vom Steinberg Hof  

Jonas September 2017

Steinunn’s Ársæll…. can’t stand the cello- playing of Søren… 

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20170827-_IMG6003 (1) (1) csm_IMG_6978_f9c1256f2e (2) 20170827-_IMG5999 (3)


Steinunn´s Brími – fantastisch!


Wow, noch in der Jugendklasse und schon BOB gemacht!
Und sogar 5.-  platziert in der Gesamt- FCI Gruppe 5 !
10. Juni 2017 – Doppel CACIB Klagenfurt mit Crufts- Qualifikation

Islandhund Steinunn’s Brimi
Excellent 1
Bester Rüde

So joyful ☺️ you both, Sonja Weber and Steinunn´s Brími

„What a day, after winning BOB with my junior boy Steinunn’s Brimi at CACIB Klagenfurt we were not only shortlisted in Group V but ended up being fifth in the group I’m sooo proud of my lovely boy and still over the moon thank you Kirsten Hofmann for this lovely boy