Steinberg Hof


Steinunn’s Edda  Enviromental Training – Visiting friends 
First car ride – oh not first time kids, the litter as whole got already 3 visits of kids
– first contact with Icelandic Horses, a nice pug and a Border Collie.
No problem with Steinunn’s Edda!
When we were eating Ice cream she was just relaxing… 

    Steinunn´s Címni – Deutscher DCNH Jugend Champion

Diese Welpen suchen noch ihre Menschen:
Steinunn´s Elín,  Steinunn´s Frígg und Steinunn´s Emil


Steinunn´s Elsa startet in ihr fröhliches  Leben!
Steinunn´s Elsa, a stunning little Icie 
Steinunn´s Elsa, 10 weeks now,  at her new home .
Her Norfolk buddy Timmi did already accept her rules

Good bye, my stunning Steinunn’s Elsa! 
You will live very nearby, will visit you soon…. 
A little horsefarm will be your cosy new home together with a 3 year old Norfolk- Buddy Tim 

Letzten Samstag eroberte Steinunn´s Finn sein neues Zuhause!
Last Saturday… Steinunn’s Finn   My little playmaker 
Anytime larksome!
The first of the F- litter in reality and mind.
Enjoying his new life: Playing in the garden and splashing through HIS pond.
He is now the third Icie in row of Jutta and Dieter… Addicted… 

Steinunn’s Fálki, erobert die Herzen!
The one who was struggling going into life… now a very well developed male puppy.
I am proud of you! A very good gamer! 
 Now he will live in Hamburg with a very happy family 
He was leaving already last Wednesday in his new life – there are so many Goodbyes these Days…
Wishing you a happy, exciting and deeply contented life, my little Sweetheart! 


Steinunn’s Címni – Annual Trophy Show Hannover 2018 
BOB against Open Class with 1 year.
(Was myself starting with just one dog)
BOB! – Jugend CAC –  Annual Trophy 2018

BOB…Rassebester mit einem Jahr..müssen in den Ehrenring


Links Steinunn´s Brími – Rechts Isdalur´s Lisa (genauso erfolgreich)