D-Wurf / Midwinter litter

Steinunn´s D- Wurf  / Midwinterlitter geboren am 13. November 2017
1 Mädel Schokolade, 1 Bube Schokolade und 3 Buben  rot/grau!
4 males – 1 female

Isdalur´s  Daðri a big red one! The Original Ici ! The allrounder !

  Isdalur´s Daðri


   Steinunn´s Ásleif

  Mating and Pedigree

  Steinunn´s Djásni 

  Steinunn´s Dalvar

  Steinunn´s Dimmanótt

 Steinunn´s Djarfur

  Steinunn´s Draumur


14. Januar 2018
Steinunn´s D-Wurf ist ausgezogen!
Es kehrt etwas Ruhe und normaler Alltag ein!

13. November 2017 – Surprise, surprise! Midwinterlitter / D- Wurf

CHOCOLATE for Christmas! The mating of Isdalur’s Dađri and Steinunn’s Ásleif was good for a surprise! The preparation- time of the delivery was a little bit longer as I was used, compared to Isdalur’s Gáska. But the delivery itself was very easy going. Within 2 hours all 5 puppies were born at 13th of November 2017. So we are going to have a busy, funny Christmas time with 5 little Icelandic dwarfs under the Christmas tree…. And now the surprise: I expected red ones, perhaps a little greyish like Ásleif, with markings for luck ( they don‘t have…) … 3 are like that, all boys…. BUT 2 of them are CHOCOLATE!!!! One chocolate girl and one chocolate boy. Here we have a good prove for the breeding idea of Evi Schütz, how to breed this colour…. would never have ecpected that…. PS: All boys have double dew claws, the girl both sides single dew claws.
28. November 2017  Proper!

15. November 2017  Steinunn´s Ásleif is a loving mother, very calm and prudent – a very cosy puppy cradle 


Birthday – 13. November 2017


Chocolate boy
Chocolate girl


3. November 2017

Na, wieviel werden es ??? Ein ordentliches Welpen- Bäuchlein ist ja schon da…


 Juchhuu, fünf werden es 🐕 🐕 🐕 🐕 🐕  !!!!

Mating on 14. and 15. September 2017  was very easy 


Pssst… Zukunfts- Pläne…   D- Wurf…
Steinunn´s Ásleif und Isdalur´s Daðri
Busy with new future plans….   D-litter!

So we hope the best for friendly, happy,  healthy, easy going puppies in the midst of  November 2017!
Expected 14. November 2017.
Hoping to have five tailwagging little puppies under the Christmas tree !!!

Next generation = Steinunn´s Ásleif  Isdalur´s Daðri