Steinunn’s Kennel – Surprise, surprise! Midwinterlitter / D- Wurf

CHOCOLATE for Christmas! The mating of Isdalur’s Dađri and Steinunn’s Ásleif was good for a surprise! The preparation- time of the delivery was a little bit longer as I was used, compared to Isdalur’s Gáska. But the delivery itself was very easy going. Within 2 hours all 5 puppies were born at 13th of November 2017. So we are going to have a busy, funny Christmas time with 5 little Icelandic dwarfs under the Christmas tree…. And now the surprise: I expected red ones, perhaps a little greyish like Ásleif, with markings for luck ( they don‘t have…) … 3 are like that, all boys…. BUT 2 of them are CHOCOLATE!!!! One chocolate girl and one chocolate boy. Here we have a good prove for the breeding idea of Evi Schütz, how to breed this colour…. would never have ecpected that…. PS: All boys have double dew claws, the girl both sides single dew claws.