Steinunn’s R- Litter in Progress

Steinunn’s R- Litter in Progress

Upcoming Steinunn’s R- Litter 🎄🎅
So sweet these two  ❤❤🥰
Fox Meadow Hjalmberi Lokasson * Steinunn’s Hjördís

Fox Meadow Hjalmberi Lokasson, the American boy!
An ambassador for his ancestors Gunnar of Sherwood Forest and Loki fra Sherwood Forest
The breeder is Jo- Ann Secondio, her Kennel „Fox Meadow Icelandics“.
She is an AKC- / American Kennel Club- Breeder of Merit and raises AKC- registered puppies.

Hoping to have tail-wagging little puppies under the Christmas tree !!! 🎄☃️

Steinunn´s Hjördís ist eine eine kleine Lady – sensibel, charmant und leistungsbereit. Ein etwas feinerer, aparter Islandhund mit grazilem Wesen.

Fox Meadow Hjalmberi Lokasson ist ein schöner, ruhiger Rüde mit einem großartigem Charakter. Er ist sehr entspannt im Umgang mit anderen Hunden, liebt Kinder und ist selber sehr verspielt. 

Bedeckung 25. September 2021 – Erwarteter Wurftermin 25. November 2021

Prins Loki SnowvLoki  fühlt sich verliebt
„Ik heb weer zo’n leuk vriendinnetje erbij!

En het klikte gelijk goed. Eind november verwachten we de winterpuppy’s!
Mijn nieuwe vriendin heet Hjördís.“


Fox Meadow Hjalmberi Lokasson as puppy 🥰  Far-right

„Puppies first snow-
The Valhalla litter are truly in Heaven today!“

Fox Meadow Hjalmberi Lokasson, the American boy!
The breeder is Jo- Ann Secondio, her Kennel „Fox Meadow Icelandics“.
She is an AKC- / American Kennel Club- Breeder of Merit and raises AKC- registered puppies.

A Grandfather of Fox Meadow Hjalmberi Lokasson „Gunnar of Sherwood Forest“:
„Gunnar of Sherwood Forest aka „Edgar“ is a wonderful dog, at almost 13 years old is still fertile, has
fabulous type and temperament. Gunnar comes from the Palmahaus line, an old North American line that is unique to the United States as their ancestors left Iceland prior to the creation of their studbook. These dogs are considered genetically valuable according to reports in our breed’s population analysis. „

The Father of Fox Meadow Hjalmberi Lokasson „Loki fra Sherwood Forest“
„It is with great sadness that I share that Loki fra Sherwood Forest MXJ. AX. NA. NAJ. OAJ. AXJ passed away last evening at the age of 15.
Loki was Sandi Dunn’s faithful companion and partner in competition. Loki for Sandi was that one dog who ….. opened doors ….. made new things possible ….. he was her heart dog. The pair were among the first two Icelandic Sheepdogs to qualify for the AKC Agility Invitational when the breed first became eligible to compete in AKC performance events in 2006. Their participation in AKC performance sports allowed the ISAA to document member involvement in AKC events so that we could move out of FSS and into Miscellaneous Class and finally to become a fully accepted breed. They helped introduce K-9 performance sport enthusiasts to a new breed that they could compete with. Loki was a wonderful ambassador for the breed.
Loki was not only a great sports dog but was also a direct descendant of the Palmahaus line who was among the first Icelandic Sheepdogs in the USA. The Palmahaus pedigree is among the most genetically unique dogs in our breed, making Loki and his siblings important dogs to maintain our breed’s genetic diversity. Sandi has fostered this pedigree for over a decade to ensure that it didn’t fade away, for this, I am eternally thankful.
Loki is the sire and grandsire to an AKC Grand Champion, to Performance dogs and fabulous companions. Loki’s offspring were among those counted and recorded so that we might move onto AKC Full Acceptance in 2010. His legacy lives on in Blackstar Icelandics, Audurs Icelandics, Alderwood Icelandics, Elskan Min Icelandics, Orlean’s Icelandics, Fox Meadow Icelandics, Tunturiketun Icelandics, Blue Zafir Icelandics as well as having other grand offspring in Germany and across Europe who will be standing stud and having litters.
Jon and I are grateful to Sandi and Loki for allowing us to become part of her Blackstar Family by letting Loki sire our „Valhalla litter“ with our Heaven. They gave us three lovely tempered happy pups who we hope will go on to help keep the breed genetically diverse. I am certain that when Loki crossed the Rainbow Bridge (Bifrost) – he took the path to Valhalla where the Einherjar open the great hall doors and he lays at their feet happily chewing bones among the best of company. Loki Fra Sherwood Forest an incredible Dog who made a difference in our breed and will not be forgotten.“
20. November 2018