Steinunn’s Rán

Steinunn’s Rán – Welpe 1  – female
Here at the age of 4 weeks

Icelandic Icelandic Names
Origin and Meaning

Norse Mythology
Rán is an Ásynja and the ruler over the realm of the dead at the bottom of the sea to which people who have drowned go. She embodies the sinister side of the sea: In sagas drowning is more or less idiomatically equated with ‚falling into Rán’s hands.

Rán and her husband Ægir had nine daughters („billow maidens“), each name reflecting a different characteristic of ocean waves

1) Kona „Ægis“ í norrænni goðafræði.

1) Die Frau vom Meeresgott „Ægir“ in der nordischen Mythologie.
Anzahl in WorldFengur registrierter Pferde mit dem Namen Rán: 576

Red/Grey  – Piebald! in her heart –  with a white blaze, a half-white collar with a red patch, a broad white chest, a white belly, white forelegs, white hind paws, white stripe on the right thigh, a white spot on the back, a white tail tip

Hind paws with double dewclaws
Birthweight 188 gram