Steinunn’s W- Wurf

Steinunn’s W- Litter
The Summer Thunderstorm – Litter ⛈

The Summer Thunderstorm- Litter ⛈
Isdalur’s Dađri, a soul of an Icelandic Sheepdog, this 12-year-old Champ is a true friend and Steinunn´s Címni (VDH & DCNH Youth Champion, Annual Trophy Junior Winner 2018, Herbstsieger 2018). They liked each other so much, a lovely twosome. Isdalur’s Dađri was already a father of Steinunn’s D- Litter. I love to see the heirs of Isdalur’s, dedicated to Evi Schütz. Mating date 30th of July 2022 – Due day 30th of September 2022

Der Sommergewitter- Wurf! ⛈
Isdalur‘ Dađri eine Seele von Islandhund dieser 12 Jahre alte Champ und Steinunn’s Címni (VDH & DCNH Jugend- Champion, Annual Trophy Junior Winner 2018, Herbstsieger 2018) Bedeckung am 30. Juli 2022 – Wurftermin am 30. September 2022

Isdalur´s  Daðri a big red one! The Original Ici ! The allrounder !

  Isdalur´s Daðri

  Steinunn´s Címni



Steinunn’s Wíkingur Flóki – at home

Steinunn’s Wilja – at home

30. September 2023
Happy 1st Birthday, Steinunn’s Wikingur Flói & Steinunn’s Wilja !

31. Juli 2023
Son & Father
Steinunn’s Wikingur Flóki & Isdalur’s Dadri

29. März 2023
Isdalur’s Daðri & his son Steinunn’s Wíkingur Flóki

29. März 2023

10. März 2023
Steinunn’s Wilja

3. März 2023

Left Son & right Father
Steinunn’s Wíkingur Flóki & Isdalur´s  Daðri

7. Februar 2023   Steinunn’s Wilja

1. Januar 2023
Happy New Year!
Son & Father
Steinunn’s Wikingur & Isdalur’s Dadri

25. Dezember 2022
Steinunn’s Wilja

24. Dezember 2022
Steinunn’s Wíkingur Flóki

Jella frá Dyrgjadóttir,
the father of Isdalur’s Dadri & son Steinunn’s Wíkingur Flóki

12. Dezember 2022
Steinunn’s Wíkingur Flóki & Steinunn’s Wilja at their homes

11. Dezember 2022

11. Dezember 2022
Steinunn’s Wilja is going home

Steinunn’s Wilja Last morning with mother’s Steinunn’s Címni loving care
Steinunn’s Wilja is just a perfect Ice with a bright future
For my pity, I do not have the capacity at the moment to raise her myself.
So I will give her in trustworthy hands.

4. Dezember 2022
Steinunn’s Wíkingur is heading home! ❤

Steinunn’s Wíkingur is a gorgeous chap and is determined to follow in his father’s footsteps.
He has all characteristics of Isdalur’s Dađri/Dadri There were also very wet goodbye kisses from his sister Steinunn’s Wilja ❤
Abschiedsküsschen von der Schwester für Steinunn’s Wíkingur Flóki ❤
Steinunn’s Wíkingur wird in die Fußstapfen seines Papas Isdalur’s Dađri/Dadri treten. I’m so happy and proud of this chap! ❤

Steinunn’s Wíkingur Flóki, Steinunn’s Wilja, mother Steinunn’s Címni

3. Dezember 2022

Dezember 2022

24. November 2022
Steinunn’s W’s are Vet- checked, chipped, vaccinated ‍⚕️
Wíkingur has all equipements

22. November 2022  Steinunn’s Wilja ❤

17. November 2022
Steinunn’s Wíkingur 6 weeks now

17. November 2022
Little princess Steinunn’s Wilja is looking for her future chateau

27. Oktober 2022

21. Oktober 2022
Steinunn’s W’s Lullabies

18. Oktober 2022
Steinunn’s W’s ❤❤
Little fat maggots  18 days now



10. Oktober 2022
Steinunn’s W’s look like little seals   

9. Oktober 2022
Steinunn’s W’s ❤❤ „Whelping box watching“ –

it’s any time so touching to look at these small nature miracles

5. Oktober 2022

2. Oktober 2022

1. Oktober 2022

1. Oktober 2022
Steinunn’s W‘ Litter ⛈
Yesterday these two came into the world It’s a girl & a boy

Yesterday these two came into the world It’s a girl & a boy

23. September 2022

19. September 2022