Steinunn’s Röskva

Steinunn’s Röskva – Welpe 5  – female
Here at the age of 4 weeks

Icelandic Icelandic Names
Origin and Meaning
Icelandic younger form of Rǫskva [1]

Old Norse
Old Norse rǫskr = ‚vigorous‘, ‚brave‘, ‚doughty‘ (see also RASK[1] [2]

Norse Mythology
Rǫskva is the daughter of a farmer. Þórr takes Rǫskva and her brother Þjálfi with him as his servants on his way to Utgarðaloki in compensation after Þjálfi brought about the laming of one of Þórr’s two he-goats while he was staying overnight at their home farm. [3]

1) Hin tápmikla, vasklega. 2) Fylgdarstúlka Þórs í norrænni goðafræði.

1) Die Forsche, Rasche, Energische. 2) Begleiterin von Þór in der nordischen Mythologie.
Anzahl in WorldFengur registrierter Pferde mit dem Namen Röskva: 525

Light Red/Grey with a white blaze, a broad white collar,  a white chest,
white belly, white paws, left leg white, a little white tip tail

Hind paws with double dewclaws
Birthweight 188 gram