Steinunn’s Tjörvi

Steinunn’s Tjörvi – Welpe 3  – male
Here at the age of 6 weeks

Icelandic Icelandic Names
Origin and Meaning

Old Norse variant and Icelandic modern spelling of Tiǫrvi

Old Norse name and byname
1) Old Norse tjara f. (< *tjǫrva < *terw-) = ‚tar‘
2) Old Norse tjörvi = ‚a charmer, wizard(?)‘ deriving from Old Norse taufr = ’sorcery‘
3) Old Norse tyrfi = ‚(hilt made of) resinous-wood‘ (see also Tyrfingr)
4) Old Norse tjör = ’spear‘



2) Bezeichnung für Schwert.
Anzahl in WorldFengur registrierter Pferde mit dem Namen Tjörvi: 79

Red/ Creme with  a small white breast,

Hind paws with double dewclaws
Birthweight 322 gram