Steinunn’s Úlrik

Steinunn’s Úlrik – Welpe 3  – male
Very intelligent, curious puppy.
He will be the best buddy in life and an awesome doggy.

Here at the age of 4 weeks

Icelandic Icelandic Names
Origin and Meaning

Old High German name
Combination of ODAL and RIK
Ancient Germanic: *ôþela_= ‚patrimony‘
Old Norse: oðal = ‚ancestral property‘, ‚patrimony‘, ‚inheritance‘
óðal = ‚property‘
Old High German: uodal = ‚inheritance‘

Ancient Germanic: *rīkia-_= ‚mighty‘, ‚distinguished‘, ‚rich‘
*rīkija-_= ‚mighty‘
*ríkia-_= ‚mighty‘
*ríki-_= ‚mighty‘
*rīkaz_= ‚chieftain‘, ‚ruler‘
*rīkz_= ‚chieftain‘, ‚ruler‘
Old Norse: ríki = ‚empire‘, ‚kingdom‘
ríkr = ‚mighty‘, ‚distinguished‘, ‚rich‘
ríkr = ‚mighty‘, ‚distinguished‘
Old High German: rīhhi = ‚mighty‘, ‚distinguished‘, ‚rich‘

Double Brown gene carrier, brownish red, brown nose, small white collar,
a white patch on the neck, broad white chest, white paw at the left foreleg,
right foreleg white, white toes on the hind paws, white belly

Hind paws with double dewclaws
Birthweight 344 gram