Steinunn’s Yggdrasill

Steinunn’s  Yggdrasill   – Welpe 1  – male


Icelandic Icelandic Names


Icelandic Icelandic Names
Origin and Meaning
Icelandic younger form of Ymir
Old Norse name
1) From Indo-Germanic *iemo- = ‚twin‘, ‚hermaphrodite‘ [1]
2) From Old Norse ymja = ‚to whine‘, ‚to cry‘ [2]

Norse Mythology

  • Ymir is the name of a proto-giant. He originated in Ginnungagap from the melting ice drops of the rivers Élivágar and grew to gigantic proportions, fed by the proto-cow AuðumlaYmir is the progenitor of all giants. The birth of his descendants occurs by autogamy: When Ymir was asleep, he sweated and beneath his left armpit a man and a woman grew, and one of his legs begat a son with the other leg. He is the father of Þruðgelmir and the grandfather of Bergelmir. After the birth of the first gods ÓðinnVili and Vé, Ymir is killed by the same and all the giants drown in his blood, except for Bergelmir (and his wife?). The gods brought Ymir’s body to the middle of Ginnungagap and began to create the world out of him: His blood became the sea and all the waters, his flesh the earth, his bones the mountains, his teeth and splinters of bone the rocks, his skull the sky, his hair the trees, his brain the clouds and from his brows Miðgarðr.
  • Ymir is the name of a moon of Saturn


1) Jötunn, sem Óðinn og bræður hans sköpuðu jörðina úr.
2)Riese, aus dem Óðinn zusammen mit seinen Brüdern die Erde geschaffen hat.
Anzahl in WorldFengur registrierter Pferde mit dem Namen Ýmir: 30

1) eralda- eða heimstréð í norrænni goðafræði.
2) Der Weltbaum oder die Weltesche aus der nordischen Mythologie.
Anzahl in WorldFengur registrierter Pferde mit dem Namen Yggdrasill: 21

 Red Piebald, White Blaze, Black Nose, White Tail Tip
and very  special White Stripes on both Ears
The big boy of this litter!

Hind feet with double dewclaws
Birthweight 308 gram

Here at the age of 2 weeks

The Piebald Guy looks totally alike his father Steinunn’s Klaki aka Keli.
Striking!  ❤
Steinunn’s Klaki as a puppy versus his son Steinunn’s Ýmir

Ein wunderbarer Islandhund sucht seine Menschen!
Steinunn’s Yggdrasill ist ein unternehmenslustiger Welpe und mischt sich schon alleine unter die Großen.

Er wird deutlich groß mit einem wunderschönen Gesicht. Sehr souverän und angenehm im Charakter!

Beim Fototermin für das Gruppenbild hat der gesamte Y- Wurf überdurchschnittlich gut mitgemacht. Blieben einfach ganz ruhig und selbstverständlich auf der Bank sitzen. Super kooperativ!

He is looking for his lifetime place!
Steinunn’s Yggdrasill is an enterprising open-minded puppy. Coming around easily with the elder Icies.
He will become a big one with a very beautiful face and fur- pattern.
Steinunn’s Yggdrasill is a very confident and pleasant character.