Steinunn´s Calle – Welpe 1

Welpe 1 –male

Creme, bigger one (at the moment)
Claws front and hind white, white chest
white tail tip, hind paws with double dew claws



3. Juli 2017 Steinunn´s Calle and his prey  😉

24. Juli 2017 – First days at home 




23. Juli 2017 Steinunn’s Kennel – First puppy is leaving…Steinunn’s Calle.
Farewell sweet Calle! Enjoy your life and bring happiness in your new home.
Lots of love for you and your family!  

PS : He is looking a little bit sleepy… because he was just taking a nap….

 20170723_190852 (1)

November 2017

1. März 2018
Steinunns Calle aka Askur – ein Charakterhund