Steinunn´s Finn

Steinunn´s Finn – Welpe 1 – male

Redcolour piebald…
Big white collar, white blaze,
all legs white, white belly, white chest, white tail tip,
white patches on the back,
right hind paw with double dew claws, left with a single dew claw



24. Juli 2018
Steinunn’s Fìnn at home 

14. Juli 2018
Letzten Samstag eroberte Steinunn´s Finn sein neues Zuhause!
Last Saturday… Steinunn’s Finn   My little playmaker 
Anytime larksome!
The first of the F- litter in reality and mind.
Enjoying his new life: Playing in the garden and splashing through HIS pond.
He is now the third Icie in row of Jutta and Dieter… Addicted…