Steinunn´s Gísli

Steinunn´s Gísli – Welpe 2 – male

Ancient Germanic

1) *gīsala- = ‚pledge‘, ‚hostage‘ [1]
1) *gīsila- = ‚pledge‘, ‚hostage‘ [1]
3) *gīsala- = ‚descendant‘, ‚offspring‘ [1]
3) *gīsila- = ‚descendant‘, ‚offspring‘ [1]

Old Norse

1) gísl = ‚pledge‘, ‚hostage‘ [2] [3]
2) geisli = ‚ray‘, ‚pole‘ (part of a weapon)‘ [2] [3]

Light Red color, maybe becoming Creme with a touch of Grey
Half big white collar, white blaze,
white front legs, white hind paws, white belly, white chest, white tail tip,
hind paws with double dewclaws, birthweight 306 grams

 Steinunn’s Gísli  8 weeks now

 Steinunn’s Gísli, the second biggest male, more moderate in character with excellent bone structure. Think he will become Creme in color 

Left Steinunn’s Gísli, right Steinunn’s Grímur, background Steinunn’s Gréta