Steinunn´s Gígja

Steinunn´s Gígja  – Welpe 5 – female

Old Norse gígja = ‚fiddle‘ [1]     Old Norse byname   gígja – ‚fiddle‘ (= eloquent lawyer)

Very Dark Red color
White collar, white blaze,
white front legs, white hind paws, white belly, white chest, white tail tip,
hind paws with double dewclaws, birthweight 286 grams

14. Februar 2019

 Lady Steinunn’s Gígja  Perfect stacking 

 Steinunn’s Gígja, the little one of the litter, with such a spirited character.
So perfect in her proportions with an astonishing strong chest for her size.
Her temperament reminds me of Isdalur’s Gáska, her Grandmother.
What a charming female puppy!