Steinunn´s Grímur

Steinunn´s Grímur– Welpe 1 – male

Old Norse gríma = ‚mask, helmet‘ [1]
Old Norse grímr = ‚person wearing a mask, helmet‘ [1]

Dark Red color
with a big white collar, white blaze,  left ear with a white edge,
white front legs, white hind paws, white belly, white chest, white tail tip,
hind paws with double dewclaws, birthweight 342 grams

14. Februar 2019 ⭐ Steinunn’s Grímur, a go-getter 
In the background Lady Steinunn’s Gígja, front right Steinunn’s Gréta 

 Steinunn’s Grímur, the biggest of the males with a little white edge at his left ear. Very strong- willed, with strong bone structure, very good stop 

Front right, really big with strong bone structure

Steinunn´s Grímur in the middle