Steinunn’s Mímir 

Steinunn’s Mímir  – Welpe 2 – male

Old Norse name meaning ‚the rememberer‘, ‚the wise one‘ [1] [2]
Norse Mythology

  • Mímir is one of the Æsir, and in the Þulur his name is found amongst the names of the giants. He was very wise, and the Æsir provided him as one of the hostages after the wars against the Vanir where he was to serve Hœnir as an adviser. When the Vanir recognised that Hœnir was helpless without his adviser, they decapitated Mímir and sent the head to the Æsir where Óðinn with the help of healing herbs and charms is able to keep him from decay, so that he can continue to give secret information and such things which he gets ‚from the Other World‘. [1] [2]

Probably red/creme- grey with a broad white collar, a broad white  blaze, a little white edge on his left ear, which is astonishingly growing…,
left foreleg white, right foreleg half white, big white breast and belly, white hind paws and a white tail tip
Hind paws with double dewclaws

Birthweight 342 gram