Training mit Islandhunden


Icelandic Sheepdog Training with Holly Kilpatrick:

Isleifur  – Hand Touch – 11 weeks old

Valli – Puppy Games -12 weeks old

Valli – Crate Games -3 month old

Valli – Bodygrab, Perch and Puzzle Practice – 3 month old

Valli – Positions Practice

Valli – Thru

Rebbi – Positions Practice

Others :

AKC Agility Nationals 2012 Icelandic Sheepdog

Herding training with an Icelandic sheepdog

Training Tofra Kennel

Tofra Kloi learning rear leg awareness

Tofra Kloi learning backwards heeling

Kloi training continues

Learning not to bark around other dogs