C- Litter in progress! Vinur mated Isdalur´s Gáska

Motto of this litter:
Companionship and Happiness = Vinur  Isdalur´s Gáska.
They loved each other from the first time, playing and sniffing eagerly together.
Breeder of Vinur is Bendicte Cappelen (Sweden), owner Jutta Schlüter.
Jutta told me, that Vinur is her best companion at all kind of events.
He is polite and friendly, concentrated at any time.
All their anchestors are very healthy with best hips and eyes.
Vinur and Isdalur´s Gáska mated on 16. März 2017 at a very romantic and idyllic place…. Rosengarten
More information about VINUR  www.vossbarg-islandpferde.de


10. Mai 2017 – X-ray is showing 6 puppies.. 🙂

Gaska xray 10.5.2017

It was a cosy, sunny landscape and they enjoyed it very much. 
So we hope the best for friendly, happy, very healthy, easy going puppies in the midst of May 2017! Expected 17.5.2017.

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_MG_8062 _MG_8061

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