F- Litter in progress


F- litter in Progress

Surprise,surprise, second litter this spring…
Not really planned, but after the mating- drama of the E-litter very 
spontaneously done…
Hoping it will all go well with eventually two litters.
Have organized a „support troop“ of 2 vet-friends (one is also a pug- breeder) and a Norfolk Terrier – breeding friend, very experienced.

Mated at 6th of March 2018, expected at 7th of May 2018
Ultrasound will be on 5th of April 2018

Parents are here Isdalur´s Gáska and Ljomi fra Kerlingarfjöll.

Ljomi fra Kerlingarfjöll is a very handsome boy out of the breeding from Bettina Pahl. She has already had a litter with him. Q-Litter of Kerlingarfjöll
Ljomi fra Kerlingarfjöl is living in a little row house in a suburb of Bremen, as it were the dog of the „Bremer Stadtmusikanten“
Used to city-life and children. His 24  weeks old son is also living with him. They are both very nice, sociable, easy companions of the family.

So hoping for nice familiy- dogs with a happy character.
Perhaps with some tri-colour???