Steinunn´s E- Wurf – Sie sind da!

2. Mai 2018  – Steinunn´s E- Wurf – Sie sind da!

Am Wochenende nochmal schnell auf eine Hundeschau und ein zweites Mal erfolgreich einen Best Of Breed bekommen,
und jetzt 3 Tage später das erste Mal Papa werden… welch eine Woche für Kári aka Afar Hvitur und uns alle!

Kári aka Afar Hvitur got on Sunday „Lahn-Dill- Schau“ his second BOB (out of 19 dogs) and on Wednesday, he becomes his first time father !  
What a week for all of us! 
The litter is so coloured: 
2 darker ones ( a male and a female ) – 
3 light-red (2 female and 1 male)
So 5 puppies, as the x-ray on last Friday showed. Didn´t have time to publish it.
2 boys (dark and light red) – 3 girls (1 dark – 2 light red)
So many markings, white tail- tips, even little spots on the back, white bellies, white legs and paws…
Oh, nearly forgot, all double dew claws on the hind legs.

Steinunn´s Brynja was giving very easy birth to all of them, very lively, no complications, weight from 242- 314 g.