26. November 2018

Steinunn’s Emil on his life´s path

 Everyday life of Steinunn’s Emil 

Steinunn’s Emil on his life´s path ❤️
23. November 2018

„Home“ – trick with Kári aka Afar Hvitur

„Home“ – trick with Kári aka Afar Hvitur 

23. November 2018

Prepairing little tricks with Kári aka Afar Hvitur

Preparing little tricks with Kári aka Afar Hvitur


21. November 2018

Vokabeln… auch für Steinunn´s Emil

Steinunn’s Emil at vocabulary learning… 



17. November 2018

 Herbstsieger  IRA Dortmund

Steinunn´s Kennel  

Internationale Rassehunde Ausstellung Dortmund 2018
Steinunn´s Címni BOS!
Intermediate Class Excellent 1, BOS against Champion Class, CACIB, CAC, Anwartschaft Dt. Ch. VDH, Herbstsieger
Steinunn´s Edda
Puppy Class Very promising VV1, got a Herbstsieger- ribbon
with a verbal remark of the judge that this 6-month-old female was the best Icelandic sheepdog in the ring today in his opinion.
Even the judge yesterday at the Bundessieger Ausstellung was speaking in high terms of Steinunn´s Edda.
What a positive outlook for the future!





16. November 2018

Debut für Steinunn´s Edda

Bundessieger- Ausstellung Dortmund 2018
Debut of Steinunn’s Edda
Puppy Class : Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful…  




16. November 2018

Bundessieger- Ausstellung Dortmund 2018

Bundessieger- Ausstellung Dortmund 2018 
Steinunn’s Címni first time Intermediate Class
Excellent 2, Res. Anwartschaft VDH Champion
(aufgewertet zur vollen VDH- Anwartschaft auf einer Bundessieger – Ausstellung..)
and yes she is 39 cm of height. 
Her father is also not the giant   He has 43 cm.
But both father and daughter are so very well in their proportions and body 


14. November 2018

Crazy little ones… Steinunn’s Dimmanótt und Steinunn’s Edda


14. November 2018

Forth and back ;-)

13. November 2018

Steinunn’s Clemens aka Milo geniesst das Herbstwetter ☀️